Hans Peter Graf

Department Head
Machine Learning

NEC Laboratories America, Inc.
4 Independence Way, Suite 200
Princeton, NJ  08540
Telephone: +1 609-951-4883
Fax: +1 609-951-2482
Email: hpg@nec-labs.com

Hans Peter Graf is head of the machine learning research department at NEC Laboratories America in Princeton. The department develops machine learning algorithms, as well as a range of applications in semantic text analysis, cognitive video interpretation and bio-medical analysis. His responsibilities include technology transfer to business units and the commercialization of research results. An example is the recently released e-Pathologist, a system assisting pathologists with the interpretation of histological samples, which contains key algorithms developed by the department.


  • Attend and Interact: Higher-Order Object Interactions for Video Understanding

    CVPR 2018
    6790-6800, 2018

    Chih-Yao Ma, Asim Kadav, Iain Melvin, Zsolt Kira, Ghassan AlRegib, Hans Peter Graf
  • Grounded Objects and Interactions for Video Captioning

    ViGIL NIPS 2017 Workshop
    1-9, 2017

    Chih-Yao Ma, Asim Kadav, Iain Melvin, Zsolt Kira, Ghassan AlRegib, Hans Peter Graf
  • Pruning Filters for Efficient ConvNets

    ICLR 2017
    pp. 1-13, 2017

    Hao Li, Asim Kadav, Igor Durdanovic, Hanan Samet, Hans Peter Graf
  • Automated gastric cancer diagnosis on H&E-stained sections; training a classifier on a large scale with multiple instance machine learning

    Proceedings of SPIE: Medical Imaging 2013, Digital Pathology (Eds. M.N. Gurcan, A. Madabushi)
    Vol. 8676:pp. 867605-1-9, 2013 SPIE

    Eric Cosatto, Pierre-Francois Laquerre, Christopher Malon, Hans Peter Graf, Akira Saito, Tomoharu Kiyuna, Atsushi Marugame, Kenichi Kamijo
  • A Massively Parallel, Energy Efficient Programmable Accelerator for Learning and Classification

    ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization (TACO)
    Volume 9, Issue 1, Article 6, 2012

    Abhinandan Majumdar, Srihari Cadambi, Michela Becchi, Srimat T. Chakradhar, Hans Peter Graf

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