Hans Peter Graf

Department Head
Machine Learning

NEC Laboratories America, Inc.
4 Independence Way, Suite 200
Princeton, NJ  08540
Telephone: +1 609-951-4883
Fax: +1 609-951-2482
Email: hpg@nec-labs.com

Hans Peter Graf is head of the machine learning research department at NEC Laboratories America in Princeton. The department develops machine learning algorithms, as well as a range of applications in semantic text analysis, cognitive video interpretation and bio-medical analysis. His responsibilities include technology transfer to business units and the commercialization of research results. An example is the recently released e-Pathologist, a system assisting pathologists with the interpretation of histological samples, which contains key algorithms developed by the department.


  • On Novel Object Recognition: A Unified Framework for Discriminability and Adaptability

    CIKM 2019
    pp. 2265-2268, 2019

    Kai Li , Martin Renqiang Min, Bing Bai, Hans Peter Graf, Yun Fu
  • Conditional GAN with Discriminative Filter Generation for Text-to-Video Synthesis

    IJCAI 2019
    pp.1997-2001, 2019

    Yogesh Balaji, Martin Renqiang Min, Bing Bai, Rama Chellappa, Hans Peter Graf
  • Tripping through time: Efficient Temporal Localization of Activities in Videos

    CVPR 2019
    pp. 1-7, 2019

    Meera Hahn, Asim Kadav, James M. Rehg, Hans Peter Graf
  • Attend and Interact: Higher-Order Object Interactions for Video Understanding

    CVPR 2018
    6790-6800, 2018

    Chih-Yao Ma, Asim Kadav, Iain Melvin, Zsolt Kira, Ghassan AlRegib, Hans Peter Graf
  • Grounded Objects and Interactions for Video Captioning

    ViGIL NIPS 2017 Workshop
    1-9, 2017

    Chih-Yao Ma, Asim Kadav, Iain Melvin, Zsolt Kira, Ghassan AlRegib, Hans Peter Graf

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