The energy infrastructure is at cross roads with an ever expanding demand for different forms of energy and shrinking pool of energy sources. To add to this, the current infrastructure has large emission footprint and scalability issues. Changes in the regulatory and operational climate and the emergence of smaller, efficient generating systems with heat and power options have opened new opportunities to manage the energy balance. Significant research remains to be done in integration of these generation sources in the distribution network while managing demand to achieve sustainability. Research at Energy Management department addresses the challenges associated with efficiency, environment and economics of an interconnected energy infrastructure.

The Energy Management department is comprised of researchers from diverse disciplines (including ME/EE/CS/OR/Economics) who can carry out applied and fundamental research in energy management infrastructures as well as lead the effort in building a long term research vision. The department aims to create a multi-disciplinary research team to advance the state-of-art in distributed generation and smart grid technologies.

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