• LogLens: A Real-time Log Analysis System

    38th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2018)
    pp. 1052-062, 2018

    Biplob Debnath, Mohiuddin Solaimani, Muhammad Ali Gulzar, Nipun Arora, Cristian Lumezanu, Jianwu Xu, Bo Zong, Hui Zhang , Guofei Jiang, Latifur Khan
  • LogMine: Fast Pattern Recognition for Log Analytics

    The 25th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2016)
    pp. 1573-1582, 2016

    Hossein Hamooni, Biplob Debnath, Jianwu Xu, Hui Zhang, Geoff Jiang, Adbullah Mueen
  • A Dynamic Switching Flash Translation Layer Based on Page-Level Mapping

    IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Information and Systems
    Vol.E99-D (6); 1502-1511, 2016

    Dongchul Park, Biplob Debnath, David H.C. Du
  • Revisiting Hash Table Design for Phase Change Memory

    Proceedgins of the 3rd workshop on Interactions of NVM/FLash with Operating-Systems and Workloads (INFLOW 2015)

    Biplob Debnath, Alireza Haghdoost, Asim Kadav, Mohammed Khatib, Cristian Ungureanu
  • MCP: A Memory-Efficient Caching Policy

    Proceedings of ICDE 2013
    pp. 1117-1128, 2013 IEEE

    Cristian Ungureanu, Biplob Debnath, Stephen Rago, Akshat Aranya