• Real-Time Demonstration of an SDN-Based Gridless Routing/Protection over a Remote Optically Pumped Passive Optical Add/Drop Network

    ECOC 2017
    pp. 1-3, 2017

    Ezra Ip, Yue-Kai Huang, Philip N. Ji, Shuji Murakami, Shaoliang Zhang, Yoshiaki Aono, Tsutomu Tajima
  • SDN and OpenFlow for Dynamic Flex-Grid Optical Access and Aggregation Networks

    Journal of Lightwave Technology
    32(4):864-870, 2014

    Neda Cvijetic, Akihiro Tanaka, Philip N. Ji, Karthik Sethuraman, Shuji Murakami, Ting Wang
  • Terabit/s Nyquist Superchannels in High Capacity Fiber Field Trials Using DP-16QAM and DP-8QAM Modulation for Regional and Long-Haul Applications

    Journal of Lightwave Technology
    32(4):776-782, 2014

    Ming-Fang Huang, Akihiro Tanaka, Ezra Ip, Yue-Kai Huang, Dayou Qian, Yequn Zhang, Shaoliang Zhang, Philip N. Ji, Ivan Djordjevic, Ting Wang, Yoshiaki Aono, Shuji Murakami, Tsutomu Tajima, Tiejun J. Xia, Glenn Wellbrock
  • First OpenFlow-based Software-Defined -Flow Architecture for Flex-Grid OFDMA Mobile Backhaul Over PON with Filterless Direct Detection ONUs

    OFC/NFOEC 2013
    PDP5B.2: pp. 1-3, 2013

    Neda Cvijetic, Akihiro Tanaka, Philip N. Ji, Shuji Murakami, Karthik Sethuraman, Ting Wang
  • High Capacity Field Trials of 40.5 Tb/s for LH Distance of 1,822 km and 54.2 Tb/s for Regional Distance of 634 km

    OFC/NFOEC 2013
    PDP5A.4: pp. 1-3, 2013

    Akihiro Tanaka, Ming-Fang Huang, Ezra Ip, Dayou Qian, Yue-KaiHuang, Shaoliang Zhang, Yequn Zhang, Philip N. Ji, Yoshiaki Aono, Shuji Murakami, Tsutomu Tajima
  • Field Experiment with Mixed Line-Rate Transmission (112-Gb/s, 450-Gb/s, and 1.15-Tb/s) over 3,560 km of Installed Fiber Using Filterless Coherent Receiver and EDFAs Only

    OFC/NFOEC 2011
    PDPA3, pp.1-3, 2011

    Tienjun J. Xia, Glenn Wellbrock, Yue-Kai Huang, Ezra Ip, Ming-Fang Huang, Yin Shao, Ting Wang, Yoshiaki Aono, Tsutomu Tajima, Shuji Murakami, Milorad Cvijetic