Cell Tower Energy Management

celltower.jpgAt NEC Labs, we have developed a novel HVAC demand management system that is based on extensive environmental monitoring. The solution was demonstrated at telecom base stations in Malaysia and has been shown to reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. Multitude of sensors provide an improved environmental snapshot of the room. During the commissioning phase, the temperature information collected from the sensors is used to configure the controller. Based on this information, the controller circumvents existing static control systems to dynamically actuate the air-conditioning devices on and off. This results in maintaining satisfactory temperatures in the base station, while reducing energy consumption caused by heterogeneity in load distribution. The controller is also capable of detecting temperature biases in the sensors and communication issues and reliably recovering from such problems to maintain the desired environmental conditions in the room. For larger base stations and telecom exchanges with multiple devices, the above solution is extended through the definition of zones in a flexible manner by mapping different temperature sensor sets to the actuators in that zone. The solution was implemented and tested on hardware at NECLA and at several locations in Malaysia. It has been implemented in the Energy Management Control (EMC) product available under NEC Smart Energy. ( http://sg.nec.com/en_SG/solutions/by-business/smart-energy/emc.html )

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