Complex System Modeling and Optimization

With ubiquitous sensing and networking capability, traditional complex physical systems have been undergoing revolutionary changes in their ICT capabilities. They are now equipped with a large number of sensors distributed across different parts of the system, which collect a tremendous amount of data from system operation. This project is to develop innovative analytic engines to model the big data from these systems and extract the right information to improve operation. For example, the discovered data models and patterns can drive actionable insight and timely decisions in operation. As a result, our predictive analytic solutions can enable customers to optimize their business operation to increase revenue or reduce operational costs. Our analytic solutions can also help to transform the way we live and work in our society. Smart cities, smart power grids, intelligent homes are all examples of applications by harnessing the power of big data from complex systems.

We are focusing on new engine development as well as new solution development. Nature speaks for itself with data, and we want to build analytic engines to analyze big data and support various applications in detection, prediction and optimization.  Time series analysis, graph mining, heterogeneous data mining, etc., are core technologies to support industrial demands.  Meanwhile we will also build up new solutions in different industries (e.g., energy, chemical, steel, social infrastructures, etc.) which can directly solve customers’ core business problems. view all department projects