Microgrid and Nanogrid Energy Management System

microgems.pngEnergy Management Department has a strong background in design and implementation of Energy Management Systems (EMS) for microgrids. Our main objective is to reduce operational cost of a microgrid (including fuel cost, utility bill, battery degradation cost, equipment maintenance etc.) while improving the utilization of renewable energy resources in the microgrid. Our patented EMS can reduce the operational cost of a microgrid by up to 30% compared to scheduled or load-based management approaches. We also work on development of EMS solutions for resilient microgrids which can handle outages and disturbances in a reliable and cost-effective manner. Our research focuses on providing a variety of functionalities and features in a microgrid by intelligent control of distributed generation, load and storage units in real time. Various techniques such as linear, mixed integer, and stochastic optimizations, economic dispatch and unit commitment methods, dynamic cost models, and state estimations are utilized in this research thread.

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