Multidimensional Optical Processing

opn5.pngAfter setting the standing 100Tb/s world-record for the transmission capacity of single-mode optical fiber deployed in current networks, we are now leading a forward-looking investigation of the transmission capacity potential of multidimensional optical processing and coded modulation in space division multiplexed (SDM) optical transmission systems, wherein different spatial modes in a single fiber can be used as parallel data channels to increase aggregate transmission capacity. By employing all available degrees of freedom in a SDM system using few mode fiber (FMF), our novel multidimensional processing and coded modulation designs span a multidimensional signal space, featuring in-phase, quadrature, spatial mode, and dual polarization co-ordinates, notably outperforming conventional approaches.

We are also investigating advanced SDM optical components, including amplifiers, switches, and filters, for efficient parallelized multidimensional signal transmission.

Our world-class achievements in this area include record-breaking 1.05 Petabit/s (1015 bits per second) SDM transmission over novel multi-core fiber with 12 single-mode and two few-mode cores; the full press release may be found at:


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