Geoff Jiang

Vice President
NEC Laboratories America
4 Independence Way, Suite 200
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone:(609) 951-2489


Dr. Geoff Jiang (a.k.a. Guofei Jiang) is the Vice President of solution technology at NEC
Laboratories America (NECLA) in Princeton, New Jersey, assisting the transformation of
NEC's research portfolio toward solutions and services, and developing new business lines
for NEC business units with new technologies. Concurrently he also leads a large
group with many dozens of research staffs from the global network of NEC R&D units.
His group conducts fundamental and applied research in the areas of Big Data Analytics,
Distributed Systems and Cloud Platforms, Software-defined Networking, and Computer
Security. He has published over 150 technical papers and also has over 70 patents
granted or applied. His inventions have been successfully commercialized as Award
Winning NEC products and solutions, and have directly created new business lines for
NEC with tens of millions US dollars in revenue. For his significant business contribution,
he was named as the 2014 "NEC Contributors of the Year" - the highest and most prestigious
award from NEC Corp.. He was one of the only three recipients from NEC R&D units in last
10 years to receive the award.


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