Dr. Haifeng Chen is heading the Data Science Department at NEC Laboratories America in Princeton, New Jersey. His research interests include big data management and mining, pattern recognition, complex system analytics, smart services and platforms. Haifeng has served in the program committee for a number of top conferences such as SigKDD, SDM, AAAI, ECML, CIKM, IEEE Big Data and so on. He has been in the panel of NSF Computer Information Science Engineering (CISE) program. Haifeng has co-authored more than 60 conference/journal publications, and holds twelve US patents. Several of his research results have been transferred into award-winning NEC products. For his significant business contribution, he was named as the 2014 "NEC Contributors of the Year"- the highest and most prestigious award from NEC Corp. He was one of the only three members from NEC R&D units in last 10 years to receive the award.