Karthikeyan (Karthik) Sundaresan

Senior Researcher

Mobile Communications and Networking Research, NEC Laboratories America


M.S., Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology (ECE)

My research interests are broadly in the areas of wireless networking, systems and mobile computing, and encompass  designing efficient algorithmic solutions as well as building  experimental systems. At NEC labs, my current research is targeted along two thrusts: (i) pushing the envelope in wireless connectivity as well as user/network quality of experience to keep pace with the explosive growth of mobile traffic and services in next generation (5G) wireless networks; and (ii) leveraging connectivity and computing together to design efficient, scalable applications and services in the age of Internet of Things (IoT).

For more details on various projects and research thrusts, please check here.

Some recent ones...

         J. Cho, K. Sundaresan, R. Mahindra, J.V-D. Merwe, S. Rangarajan, ACM CONEXT 2016.          R.Seshadri, M. Arslan,  K. Sundaresan, D. Koutsonikolas, S. Rangarajan, ACM CONEXT 2016.          E. Chai,  K. Sundaresan, M. Khojastepour, S. Rangarajan, ACM MobiCom 2016.          A. Atya,  K. Sundaresan, S. Krishnamurthy, M. Khojastepour, S. Rangarajan, ACM CONEXT 2015.
          A. Bannerjee, R. Mahindra, K. Sundaresan, S. Kasera, J. Van Der Merwe, S. Rangarajan, ACM CONEXT 2015.
          J. Xiong, K. Sundaresan, K. Jamieson, ACM MOBICOM 2015.
          X. Xie, E. Chai, X. Zhang, K. Sundaresan, M. Khojastepour, S. Rangarajan, ACM MOBICOM 2015.          S. Singh, K. Sundaresan, S. Krishnamurthy, X. Zhang, M. Khojastepour, S. Rangarajan, ACM MOBIHOC 2015.            M. Khojastepour, K. Sundaresan, S. Rangarajan, IEEE INFOCOM 2015..
A comprehensive list of my publications can be found here.
             - IEEE ICDCS, Mobile and Wireless Network Computing Track, 2017
             - IEEE WCNC Workshop on Cloud-Assisted Radio Access Networks, 2017
             - ACM MOBICOM 2016.
             - IEEE ICC Workshop on "LTE in Unlicensed Bands: Potential and Challenges", 2015.
             - IEEE SECON 2013.
             - IEEE WiMesh Workshop 2009; co-located with IEEE SECON 2009.
             - NSF Review Panels, 2012, 2013, 2014.
             - "MIMO in Sensor and Ad-hoc Networks: Challenges and Opportunities", IEEE SECON 2008.