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NEC Laboratories, Princeton, NJ
work: (609) 951-4844
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I am a Senior Researcher at NEC Labs in Princeton. In previous life, I graduated with a PhD from Wisconsin in 2009 with Professors Andrea and Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau. My research interests include distributed and mobile systems, operating systems, and file & storage systems. I led the Simba project to develop cloud infrastructure for a variety of data-centric services. We built a novel data-sync service and a mobile SDK for rapid app development. Recently, I have also been working on temporal graphs and practical methods for adopting machine learning in applications.

  • Simba source code now on Github [src]
  • Simba cloud paper to appear at Eurosys '15 [PDF]
  • Simba mobile client paper to appear at FAST '15 [PDF]
  • Invited talk at USC on "Rethinking Data Abstractions for Mobile Apps", April 2014 (Host: Ramesh Govindan)
  • Invited talk at SNIA SDC 2012 on "Revisiting Storage for Smartphones"
  • Guest Lecture at CMU on "Storage Systems for Mobile Devices" (Slides) (Host: Greg Ganger)
  • FAST 2012 paper gets Best Paper award. For various flavors of this work in the popular media look at: MIT Tech Review, Slashdot, or simply read the paper
  • FAST 2011 paper gets Best Paper award
  • KVZone release: NEC Labs benchmarking tool for key-value store evaluation
  • LWN article on Impressions (courtesy Valerie Aurora)
  • Invited speaker for SNIA Storage Developer Conference 2009, 2012

  • community

  • Program Committees (and external reviewing)
  • SOSP '15 Scholarships Chair (CFP)
  • Check out the SOSP '13 BoF on NSF PRObE (organized by Garth Gibson)
  • Chair for FAST '13 Posters
  • Invited panelist for Department of Energy's SBIR funding program 2011

  • interns
  • Yurong Jiang, USC. Summer 2014
  • Haohan Zhu, BU. Summer 2014
  • Younghwan Go, KAIST. Summer 2013
  • Dorian Perkins, UC Riverside. Summer 2013
  • Shuai Hao, USC. Summer 2012
  • Aayush Gupta, Penn State. Summer 2011
  • Hyojun Kim, Georgia Tech. Summer 2011
  • Leo Arulraj, UW Madison. Summer 2010

  • publications [full list]
    Tunable End-to-End Data Consistency for Mobile Apps
    Eurosys '15

    Reliable, Consistent, and Efficient Data Sync for Mobile Apps
    FAST '15

    Mobile Data Sync in a Blink
    HotStorage '13

    Delay-Tolerant Cloud for Mobile Data
    MDM '13

    Building Storage Systems for Mobile Devices
    NVM '12

    Revisiting Storage for Smartphones
    FAST '12, TOS '12
    Best Paper
    Examining Storage Performance on Mobile Devices
    Mobiheld '11

    Emulating Goliath Storage Systems with David FAST '11, TOS '12
    Best Paper
    AVATARs for Pennies: Cheap N-version Programming HotDep '10 Short Paper
    Key-Value Stores and Benchmarks for SSDs
    HotStorage '10
    Generating FS Images with Impressions
    FAST '09, TOS '09 Best Paper
    Design Tradeoffs for SSD Performance USENIX '08
    Five-Year Study of FS Metadata FAST '07, TOS '07 Award Paper
    Realistic FS Benchmarks with CodeMRI HotMetrics '08
    Effects of Disk Pointer Corruption
    DSN '08

    IRON File Systems
    SOSP '05

    Deconstructing Storage Clusters
    ISCA '05

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