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Ratnesh K. Sharma, PhD, PE

NEC Laboratories America, Inc.

10080 N Wolfe Road, Ste SW3-350

Cupertino, CA 95014

(408) 863-6040


I lead the Energy Management department at NEC Labs Americas, addressing the key research challenges of efficiency, environment and economics in the design, control and management of our energy infrastructure (including smart grids)

My current research interests include:


Energy infrastructure is an interconnected system of devices that range from generators, power convertors, transmission devices to demand devices deployed across various demand sectors, namely, electrical, residential/commercial, industrial and transportation. Energy microgrids are a microcosm of this energy infrastructure that demonstrate the essential traits of its interconnected nature and offers unique research opportunities by virtue of its scale, diversity and being close to demand. Our research at NEC Labs is focused towards building a unified energy management infrastructure.

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