Fast Few Shot Debugging for NLU Test Suites (arXiv)

Publication Date: 4/18/2022

Event: arXiv


Authors: Christopher Malon, NEC Laboratories America, Inc., Kai Li, NEC Laboratories America, Inc., Erik Kruus, NEC Laboratories America, Inc.

Abstract: We study few shot debugging of transformer based natural language understanding models, using recently popularized test suites to not just diagnose but correct a problem. Given a few debugging examples of a certain phenomenon, and a held out test set of the same phenomenon, we aim to maximize accuracy on the phenomenon at a minimal cost of accuracy on the original test set. We examine several methods that are faster than full epoch retraining. We introduce a new fast method, which samples a few in danger examples from the original training set. Compared to fast methods using parameter distance constraints or Kullback Leibler divergence, we achieve superior original accuracy for comparable debugging accuracy.

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