NEC Laboratories America is the anchor of NEC’s research organization in the US and we strive for excellence in research. As part of NEC we pursue at the same time continuous innovations with high business and technical impact. As part of our mission we bring knowledge into development projects that expand current businesses and create new ones in the US and globally.

We cover a broad range of research areas combining basic and applied research with an emphasis on a multi-disciplinary approach. Our focus is on research projects in high-impact areas that combine challenging and creative research with clear direction and objectives. We leverage complementary research across NEC and partner organizations in joint research projects.

Our research areas are:

Data Science & System Security

The Data Science and System Security Department at NEC Labs aims to build novel big data solutions and service platforms that simplify complex computer systems management, and to develop new information technology that supports innovative applications, from big data analytics to the Internet of Things....

Integrated Systems

Emerging applications in enterprise information technology are expected to drive the evolution of future computing platforms. Computing Systems Architecture refers to the combination of hardware and system software that comprise a computing platform. Advances in general purpose multi-core and many-core (e.g., GPUs) cluster computing platforms...

Machine Learning

Machine Learning : The force behind innovative solutions   Need: Goal: Reasoning Need: --> Need More powerful algorithms to interpret multi-modal data and complex situations. Goal Reasoning Need More powerful systems that can handle the rapidly increasing complexity of data analytics  ...

Media Analytics

Welcome to the Media Analytics Department at NEC Labs America. We are a group of researchers passionate about solving fundamental challenges in computer vision and producing cutting-edge solutions for society. Our research directions include core computer vision problems such as image-based recognition, object detection, tracking, segmentation...

Mobile Communications + Networking

The Mobile Communications and Networking research department has two focus areas: 1) Technologies for improving the capacity, coverage and scalability of next generation 5G cellular networks, and 2) End-to-end solution creation leveraging various forms of wireless sensing and communication technologies such as RFID, Bluetooth, WLAN and cellular...

Optical Networking + Sensing

From the Internet backbone to the home, optics and photonics form the foundation of modern ICT infrastructure.   In the optical networking and sensing department, we are leading world-class research into the next-generation of optical networks and sensing systems that will power ICT-based social solutions for years to come.  From...