Our Projects

Cosmic - System Software for Efficient Xeon Phi Coprocessor Sharing

COSMIC* is NEC’s system software that enables seamless Xeon Phi coprocessor sharing. It is completely transparent to applications and all other system software components. COSMIC is useful in organizations where several users share one or more Xeon Phi-based servers. It can reduce capital cost by efficiently utilizing fewer servers.

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Heterogeneous Cluster Computing

Traditional enterprise applications currently run on platforms that are complicated and expensive to build or maintain. They often require a team of experts to operate these platforms. New IT solutions that use dynamically scalable and virtualized clusters of shared computing resources have the potential to dramatically cut costs associated with delivery of enterprise IT services. However, many challenges must be overcome. We discuss the major challenges, key technologies that we are working on to overcome the challenges, and the role of benchmarks and metrics in our research program.

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