Our team of researchers is passionate about solving fundamental challenges in computer vision and addressing key needs in mobility, security, safety and socially-relevant AI. Meet our team of experts, explore our ongoing research, check out our blog, or read our latest publications.

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  • 02/21 - Three papers accepted to CVPR 2021.
  • 12/20 - Adarsh Modh joined our group as an associate researcher.
  • 10/20 - Turgun Yusufu joined our group as a senior associate researcher.
  • 08/20 - Nine papers presented at ECCV 2020. Watch the spotlight videos here or read the papers here.
  • 06/20 - Four papers presented at CVPR 2020.
  • 02/20 - We have 8 talented students joining us for (remote) internships this summer!
  • 01/20 - Dr. Yumin Suh joined our group as a researcher.


Scene Understanding

Recognition and Representation

Adaptation, Fairness and Privacy

We analyze latent information in complex visual data to make better predictions. Our solutions enable interpretable and intuitive visualizations and predictions of multimodal future outcomes by reasoning about positions, dynamics, semantics, interactions and intents in 3D scenes. Learn more...

We learn powerful representations from visual data that generalize across a wide range of imaging conditions. Our solutions achieve robustness, speed and social fairness, with minimal human labeling effort, by reasoning about the relationships between categories, shapes and actions. Learn more...

We develop AI techniques and policies that benefit society by disrupting traditional utility-cost trade-offs. Our solutions achieve better accuracy and fairness of service across geographic and socioeconomic boundaries, while ensuring lower costs and higher privacy guarantees. Learn more...

Selected recent works

Selected recent works

Selected recent works