NEC Labs America:
Delivering high-impact technology research

At NEC Labs America, we focus on innovating new ideas for technology, and the science that powers it. Our environment consists of small departments that deliver big-picture solutions to a targeted area of research. This collaborative effort allows us to be creative problem solvers, while working as a team towards a common goal. For over 100 years, NEC Labs has guided its efforts towards this approach to specialized research, and continues to this day.

At NEC Labs, our research is driven by our passion for innovation.

Join our team in pursuit of excellence.

NEC Labs offers the opportunity to focus on technology research through a small, dedicated team environment. We’re looking for highly qualified PhD candidates and researchers who are truly passionate about today’s technology.


Current research

Image Semantic Indexing

We aim at developing intelligent learning algorithms and analytic systems that can recognize image semantic contents at scene, object category, and item...

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Energy Efficient Distributed Storage Systems

The goal of this project is to develop techniques for making storage systems power proportional, as well as techniques that allow the system to respond to...

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Unsupervised Learning of Sparse Representations

Unsupervised learning models capture the underlying structure of the data without relying on label information. We focus on sparse modeling algorithms and...

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