Sarper Ozharar Receives Achievement in Science and Technology Award from Koç University

November 30, 2023 | NEC Labs America | News | sarper-ozharar

Sarper Ozharar was awarded an Achievement in Science and Technology Award from Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey on their notable 30th anniversary on November 30, 2023.  As an alumnus of this esteemed institution, Sarper shared that this recognition is especially meaningful to him, marking a significant milestone in his professional journey.

He went on to say, “my time at Koç University laid the foundation for my passion and pursuit in science, guiding me towards a path of innovation and discovery. I would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to my colleagues at NEC Laboratories America. The supportive and intellectually stimulating environment here has been instrumental in my continued growth and success in the field. The opportunity to work alongside brilliant minds and contribute to cutting-edge research has been incredibly fulfilling.

Sarper joined us as a visiting researcher in 2019 and then as a full-time researcher in 2020. He is an Optical Networking & Sensing team member, primarily working on distributed acoustic sensing technology (DAS), which uses the fiber-optic cable as a sensor to detect acoustic disturbances and vibrations. DAS has various applications in various industries, including oil and gas, infrastructure monitoring, security, and environmental monitoring.

Sarper shared that his accolade serves as a powerful reminder of where he started and a compelling inspiration to continue contributing to the ever-evolving field of scientific inquiry.

We wish heartfelt congratulations to Sarper for this prestigious award! We are lucky to have him as part of our team.

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