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Data Science & System Security

We aim to build novel big-data solutions and service platforms to simplify complex systems management. We also develop new information technology that supports innovative applications, from big data analytics to the Internet of Things.

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Our research is both experimental and theoretical, covering many domains in data science and systems research, such as time series mining, graph mining, deep learning, text mining, anomaly detection, signal processing, cloud computing, data centers, software-defined networking and streaming processing. The goal of our research is to fully understand the dynamics of big data from complex systems, retrieve patterns to profile them and build innovative solutions to help the end user managing those systems. We have built a number of analytic engines and system solutions to process and analyze big data and support various applications in detection, prediction and optimization. Our research has led to both award-winning NEC products and publications in top conferences.

Transforming Spacecraft Production

We are working with Lockheed Martin on increasing the production safety of the Orion spacecraft's Moon mission, using Labs-developed AI techniques.

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Big Data Analytics

With fast-growing volumes of data in our world, the use of big data will become key to accelerate productivity growth. Our Big Data vision is to build an ecosystem that can handle a large volume and variety of data and extract knowledge from it pertaining to business intelligence, infrastructure management, public safety, health care, fraud detection, etc.Invariant Analyzer


Complex System Modeling and Optimization

With ubiquitous sensing and networking capability, traditional complex physical systems have been undergoing revolutionary changes in their ICT capabilities. They are now equipped with a large number of sensors distributed across different parts of the system, which collect a tremendous amount of data from system operation.


Automated Security Intelligence

Every day it becomes harder to guarantee enterprise security. Sophisticated attacks are launched from economically-driven, well-organized attackers. Systems are complex and evolving, and it is difficult, if not impossible, to keep track of security vulnerabilities and prepare every employee with enough knowledge and skills. To address these challenges, we propose the automated security intelligence project, inspired by the words of Sun Tzu: "If you know your enemies and yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss."