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Machine Learning

We have been at the forefront of developments in such areas as deep learning, support vector machines and semantic analysis for over a decade.

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Machine learning is the key technology for data analytics and artificial intelligence. Recent progress in this field opens opportunities for a wide variety of new applications. As leaders in the industry, we develop innovative technologies which are integrated into NEC's products and services.

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Featured Research Projects

eigen Video Understanding

Aiming to achieve near-human video understanding, in this project we analyze several gigabytes of spatiotemporal data to perform action recognition, multi-person tracking, object permanence and video reasoning. eigen has built a scalable video-understanding platform for long-form video reasoning that scales to new environments and camera angles without any re-training.eigen also provides a system platform. Running both on the cloud (AWS) and on-prem, it can scale up to thousands of streams into…


Semantic Analysis & Reasoning

We develop several types of algorithms for high-level semantic analysis, which are used for tasks such as scene interpretation, document retrieval and question answering. For text interpretation, a syntactic analysis extracts relevant elements followed by concept interpretation. To combine different data types, a data-specific module first generates metadata representations that are integrated into a deep learning network.Supervised sequence embedding (SSE) is a simple and efficient technique t…


Digital Pathology

Accurate and fast diagnosis based on histological samples is crucial for prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. We have developed a digital pathology system that uses machine learning algorithms to analyze images of tissue to assist in cancer diagnosis. This system is used in major diagnostics laboratories in Japan for quality control.