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Our team overcomes fundamental challenges in computer vision and addresses key needs in mobility, security, safety and socially relevant AI.

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We solve fundamental challenges in computer vision, with a focus on understanding and interaction in 3D scenes, representation learning in visual and multimodal data, learning across domains and tasks, as well as responsible AI. Our technological breakthroughs contribute to socially-relevant solutions that address key enterprise needs in mobility, safety and smart spaces. Meet our team of experts, check out our blog, or read our latest publications.

Interested in joining us for a summer internship? We are seeking the next generation of thought leaders in computer vision and machine learning for research internships in Summer 2022. Our interns work closely with the research team, and their projects usually result in student-led papers published at top-tier venues such as CVPR, ICCV, ECCV and NeurIPS.

Outstanding applicants pursuing a doctorate in all areas of computer vision are encouraged to apply for internships here.

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Featured Research Projects

Understanding Road Layout From Videos as a Whole

CVPR 2020


Object Detection With a Unified Label Space From Multiple Datasets

ECCV 2020


Private-kNN: Practical Differential Privacy for Computer Vision

CVPR 2020