Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation
for Action Recognition from Drones

Jinwoo Choi1 Gaurav Sharma2 Manmohan Chandraker2,3 Jia-Bin Huang1
1 Virginia Tech 2 NEC Laboratories America 3 UC San Diego
WACV 2020
We aim to recognize actions in drone videos by domain adapting classifiers learned on mostly third person videos. We address both challenges, i.e., domain difference (a) due to visual variation as well as (b) due to different label sets, in the two domains.

We address the problem of human action classification in drone videos. Due to the high cost of capturing and labeling large-scale drone videos with diverse actions, we present unsupervised and semi-supervised domain adaptation approaches that leverage both the existing fully annotated action recognition datasets and unannotated (or only a few annotated) videos from drones. To study the emerging problem of drone-based action recognition, we create a new dataset, NEC-Drone, containing 5,250 videos to evaluate the task. We tackle both problem settings with 1) same and 2) different action label sets for the source (e.g., Kinectics dataset) and target domains (drone videos). We present a combination of video and instance-based adaptation methods, paired with either a classifier or an embedding-based framework to transfer the knowledge from source to target. Our results show that the proposed adaptation approach substantially improves the performance on these challenging and practical tasks.


Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation for Action Recognition from Drones
Jinwo Choi, Gaurav Sharma, Manmohan Chandraker and Jia-Bin Huang
In IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV) 2020
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The zip archive for NEC-Drone dataset for action recognition from drones contains:
To use the dataset you can download the zip archive. The archive is password protected. Kindly also download and send us the signed license agreement to ma-code-request-nec-drone@nec-labs.com, and we will send you the password to the zip archive. Please give a few business days time for processing.

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