Multi-Agent Simulator for Carbon Neutrality: The Technology the World Has Been Waiting For

Today, each country, government, and enterprise are urged to take effective action to fight against climate change; however, an efficient method has not been found. Even a way to accurately calculate Scope 3 carbon emissions has yet to be developed. The technology of a multi-agent simulator could be an essential step in solving worldwide challenges. We interviewed the researchers about the details of this technology.

The Industrial Lab Advantage: Delivering on the Expectations of AI | Future of Work News

Our Chris White outlines how Invisible AI transforms our lives and its potential to bring about transformative societal changes, including safer space travel, reliable cell networks, smarter cities, productive factories, and efficient homes. Invisible AI will intelligently anticipate needs, automate tasks, and enhance the human experience.

Chris White Interviewed By Mike Vizard on Techstrong.AI

In this excellent videocast, Michael Vizard interviews our Christopher White, President of NEC Labs America, about #AI and its future. They discuss generative AI, its current hype, its potential impact on content creation and the augmentation of human abilities. Chris emphasizes that generative AI systems are not “thinking machines” but tools to enhance human capabilities.

Meet The Disruptors: NEC’s Chris White On The Five Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry | Authority Magazine

Read this fantastic interview with our President, Christopher White, with Authority Magazine, as he shares five things you need to shake up your industry based on his experience pushing the envelope in chemistry, computer science, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence. Chris leads our team to conduct disruptive research rather than just incremental research.