Cicadas are a diverse group of insects known for their distinctive songs, which are produced by the males as a means of attracting females. Cicadas are known for their periodic and synchronized emergences, and these events can be a spectacle in nature, attracting the attention of scientists, naturalists, and the general public. The loud chorus created by large numbers of singing cicadas is a characteristic sound of summer in many regions.


Unearthing Nature’s Orchestra – How Fiber Optic Cables Can Hear Cicada Secrets

Our Sarper Ozharar, Yue Tian and Yangmin Ding and Jessica L. Ware from the American Museum of Natural History have discovered that fiber optic cables equipped with distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) can pick up the sounds of Brood X cicadas. DAS technology, typically used to monitor seismic activity, can detect the vibrations caused by the loud sounds of cicadas, which live underground for years until they come up to mate.