Video Person Re-Identification using Learned Clip Similarity Aggregation

Publication Date: 3/2/2020

Event: WACV 2020, Snowmass Village, CO USA

Reference: pp 2644-2653, 2020

Authors: Neeraj Matiyali, IIT Kanpur; Gaurav Sharma, NEC Laboratories America, Inc.

Abstract: We address the challenging task of video-based person re-identification. Recent works have shown that splitting the video sequences into clips and then aggregating clip-based similarity is appropriate for the task. We show that using a learned clip similarity aggregation function allows filtering out hard clip pairs, e.g. where the person is not clearly visible, is in a challenging pose, or where the poses in the two clips are too different to be informative. This allows the method to focus on clip-pairs which are more informative for the task. We also introduce the use of 3D CNNs for video-based re-identification and show their effectiveness by performing equivalent to previous works, which use optical flow in addition to RGB, while using RGB inputs only. We give quantitative results on three challenging public benchmarks and show better or competitive performance. We also validate our method qualitatively.

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