AI-Based Modeling refers to the use of artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms to create mathematical or computational models that can represent and simulate real-world phenomena, processes, or systems. These models are used for various purposes, such as prediction, optimization, decision-making, and understanding complex relationships within data.


Data-driven Modelling of EDFAs by Neural Networks

Dependence of EDFA gain shape on input power and input spectrum shape is modelled using a simple neural network-based architecture for amplifiers with different gains and output powers. The model can predict the gain within ±0.1 dB. Even though the model has good success predicting the performance of the particular EDFA it is trained with, it is not as successful when used to predict a different EDFA, or even the same EDFA with a different pump power. However, retraining the model with a small amount of supplementary data from a second EDFA makes the model able to predict the performance of the second EDFA with little loss in performance.