Attribute Generation refers to creating or generating additional features or characteristics (attributes) from existing data. Attribute generation involves deriving new variables or features that can provide valuable information for analysis, prediction, or decision-making. This process aims to enhance the dataset by introducing relevant attributes that may contribute to a better understanding of the underlying patterns or relationships.


Pose-variant 3D Facial Attribute Generation

We address the challenging problem of generating facial attributes using a single image in an unconstrained pose. In contrast to prior works that largely consider generation on 2D near-frontal images, we propose a GAN-based framework to generate attributes directly on a dense 3D representation given by UV texture and position maps, resulting in photorealistic, geometrically-consistent and identity-preserving outputs. Starting from a self-occluded UV texture map obtained by applying an off-the-shelf 3D reconstruction method, we propose two novel components. First, a texture completion generative adversarial network (TC-GAN) completes the partial UV texture map. Second, a 3D attribute generation GAN (3DA-GAN) synthesizes the target attribute while obtaining an appearance consistent with 3D face geometry and preserving identity. Extensive experiments on CelebA, LFW and IJB-A show that our method achieves consistently better attribute generation accuracy than prior methods, a higher degree of qualitative photorealism and preserves face identity information.