Audio Loss refers to the absence or degradation of sound in an audio signal. It can occur due to various factors and may result in partial or complete loss of audible information. Audio loss can affect the clarity, quality, and intelligibility of the audio content, impacting the overall listening experience.


At the Speed of Sound: Efficient Audio Scene Classification

Efficient audio scene classification is essential for smart sensing platforms such as robots, medical monitoring, surveillance, or autonomous vehicles. We propose a retrieval-based scene classification architecture that combines recurrent neural networks and attention to compute embeddings for short audio segments. We train our framework using a custom audio loss function that captures both the relevance of audio segments within a scene and that of sound events within a segment. Using experiments on real audio scenes, we show that we can discriminate audio scenes with high accuracy after listening in for less than a second. This preserves 93% of the detection accuracy obtained after hearing the entire scene.