Chromatic Dispersion is a phenomenon where different wavelengths of light travel at different speeds through a medium, causing a spreading or dispersion of the optical signal. This dispersion is a significant consideration in the design and operation of optical communication systems, impacting the quality and integrity of transmitted data. Efficient management and compensation for chromatic dispersion are crucial in the design and operation of optical communication systems to ensure reliable and high-performance data transmission.


A Dispersion Managed Phase Only Modulation 18 GHz Optoelectronic Oscillator

In this manuscript, we propose and experimentally demonstrate a dispersion-controlled optoelectronic oscillator with phase only modulator at 18 GHz. The generated microwave signal has a phase noise of −108 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset frequency and the integrated timing jitter is calculated to be 16.2 fs (1 kHz to 100 MHz) and 20 fs (1kHz to Nyquist).