A Coexistence System involves mechanisms for sharing the electromagnetic spectrum efficiently among multiple communication systems. This can include technologies like Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) or Cognitive Radio, which adaptively allocate spectrum resources based on real-time usage. Coexistence systems are particularly relevant in scenarios where different wireless technologies, protocols, or communication standards need to operate together without causing undue interference or performance degradation. These systems play a crucial role in optimizing the use of the limited radio frequency spectrum and ensuring efficient communication in crowded and diverse wireless environments.


Long Reach Fibre Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing using Enhanced Scattering Fibre

We report significant noise reduction in distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) link using enhanced-scatter fibre (ESF). The longest reach of 195km DAS link without inline amplifications is also demonstrated. We further present demonstration of simultaneous fibre-optic sensing and 400Gb/s data transmissions over 195km fibre using ESF.