Data Crowdsourcing refers to the practice of obtaining data, information, or input from a large and diverse group of individuals, typically through an open call or invitation to a broad audience. This approach leverages the collective intelligence, skills, and contributions of a crowd, often facilitated through online platforms or tools. The purpose of data crowdsourcing is to gather a large volume of information quickly and efficiently, tapping into the collective knowledge, opinions, or efforts of a diverse group.


Citizen Science for the Sea with Information Technologies: An Open Platform for Gathering Marine Data and Marine Litter Detection from Leisure Boat Instruments

Data crowdsourcing is an increasingly pervasive and lifestyle-changing technology due to the flywheel effect that results from the interaction between the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. This paper presents the Citizen Science for the Sea with Information Technologies (C4Sea-IT) framework. It is an open platform for gathering marine data from leisure boat instruments. C4Sea-IT aims to provide a coastal marine data gathering, moving, processing, exchange, and sharing platform using the existing navigation instruments and sensors for today’s leisure and professional vessels. In this work, a use case for the detection and tracking of marine litter is shown. The final goal is weather/ocean forecasts argumentation with Artificial Intelligence prediction models trained with crowdsourced data.