Fact Checking refers to the process of verifying the accuracy and validity of the information or predictions generated by the module. Fact checking is a critical step to validate the accuracy and reliability of the predictions made by the module, ensuring that the next steps or actions are based on trustworthy information and aligned with the intended goals of the system.


Team Papelo at FEVEROUS: Multi-hop Evidence Pursuit

We develop a system for the FEVEROUS fact extraction and verification task that ranks an initial set of potential evidence and then pursues missing evidence in subsequent hops by trying to generate it, with a “next hop prediction module” whose output is matched against page elements in a predicted article. Seeking evidence with the next hop prediction module continues to improve FEVEROUS score for up to seven hops. Label classification is trained on possibly incomplete extracted evidence chains, utilizing hints that facilitate numerical comparison. The system achieves .281 FEVEROUS score and .658 label accuracy on the development set, and finishes in second place with .259 FEVEROUS score and .576 label accuracy on the test set.