Field trials refer to experimental studies or tests that are conducted in real-world, non-laboratory environments. These trials are often carried out to assess the performance, feasibility, and practical implications of a technology, product, or process under real-world conditions. Field trials are essential for evaluating how a system or product functions outside controlled environments. They provide valuable insights into real-world challenges, user experiences, and the overall effectiveness of the tested solution.


Employing Telecom Fiber Cables as Sensing Media for Road Traffic Applications

Distributed fiber optic sensing systems (DFOS) allow deployed fiber cables to be sensing media, not only dedicated function of data transmission. The fiber cable can monitor the ambient environment over wide area for many applications. We review recent field trial results, and show how artificial intelligence (AI) can help on the application of road traffic monitoring. The results show that fiber sensing can monitor the periodic traffic changes in hourly, daily, weekly and seasonal.