In-Service Fiber Sensing refers to the process of monitoring and sensing activities on optical fibers while they are actively transmitting data, without disrupting or interrupting the normal operation of the fiber optic communication system. This type of sensing allows for real-time monitoring of various parameters, events, or conditions along the length of the optical fiber. In-service fiber sensing is valuable for applications where continuous, non-intrusive monitoring is essential for performance optimization, security, maintenance, or fault detection.


Long Reach Fibre Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing using Enhanced Scattering Fibre

We report significant noise reduction in distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) link using enhanced-scatter fibre (ESF). The longest reach of 195km DAS link without inline amplifications is also demonstrated. We further present demonstration of simultaneous fibre-optic sensing and 400Gb/s data transmissions over 195km fibre using ESF.