Optical Fiber refers to a thin, transparent strand of glass or plastic that is used to transmit information in the form of light pulses. Optical fibers are a key component of fiber optic communication systems, enabling the high-speed and high-capacity transmission of data over long distances. The core principle behind optical fibers is the phenomenon of total internal reflection, which allows light to be guided within the core of the fiber through multiple internal reflections.


Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing Using Specialty Optical Fibers

Distributed fiber optic sensing systems use long section of optical fiber as the sensing media. Therefore, the fiber characteristics determines the sensing capability and performance. In this presentation, various types of specialty optical fibers and their sensing applications will be introduced and discussed.

Employing Telecom Fiber Cables as Sensing Media for Road Traffic Applications

Distributed fiber optic sensing systems (DFOS) allow deployed fiber cables to be sensing media, not only dedicated function of data transmission. The fiber cable can monitor the ambient environment over wide area for many applications. We review recent field trial results, and show how artificial intelligence (AI) can help on the application of road traffic monitoring. The results show that fiber sensing can monitor the periodic traffic changes in hourly, daily, weekly and seasonal.