Optical Transponders are devices used in optical communication networks to convert electrical signals into optical signals for transmission over fiber-optic channels and vice versa. They play a crucial role in the bidirectional conversion of data between electrical and optical domains, enabling seamless communication between electronic devices and optical transmission systems. They contribute to the flexibility, scalability, and performance of modern fiber-optic communication systems.


Vibration Detection and Localization using Modified Digital Coherent Telecom Transponders

We demonstrate a vibration detection and localization scheme based on bidirectional transmission of telecom signals with digital coherent detection at the receivers. Optical phase is extracted from the digital signal processing blocks of the coherent receiver, from which the vibration component is extracted by bandpass filtering, and the position along the cable closest to the vibration’s epicenter is recovered by correlation. We demonstrate our scheme first using offline experiment with 200-Gb/s DP-16QAM, and we report field trial results over installed fiber to detect real-world vibration events.