Sensing and Communication Integration refers to the combined use of sensing (data acquisition) and communication technologies within a unified system. In such systems, sensors collect data from the environment, and the collected information is then communicated to other devices or systems for processing, analysis, or decision-making. This integration is common in applications like the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart systems where real-time data sensing and communication are essential for various functionalities.


DAS over 1,007-km Hybrid Link with 10-Tb/s DP-16QAM Co-propagation using Frequency-Diverse Chirped Pulses (OFC)

We report the first distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) results over>1,000 km on a field-lab hybrid link using chirped-pulses with correlation detection and 20× frequency-diversity, achieving a sensitivity of 100 pa/√Hz at 20-meters spatial resolution.