Telecom Infrastructure Protection involves the safeguarding and security measures implemented to protect the physical and virtual components of a telecommunications network. This includes the protection of network infrastructure such as data centers, cell towers, fiber optic cables, and other critical assets to ensure the reliability and security of telecommunication services.


Detection and Localization of Stationary Weights Hanging on Aerial Telecommunication Fibers using Distributed Acoustic Sensing

For the first time to our knowledge, a stationary weight hanging on an operational aerial telecommunication field fiber was detected and localized using only ambient data collected by a φ-DAS system. Although stationary weights do not create temporally varying signals, and hence cannot be observed directly from the DAS traces, the existence and the location of the additional weights were revealed by the operational modal analysis of the aerial fiber structure.

Field Trial of Abnormal Activity Detection and Threat Level Assessment with Fiber Optic Sensing for Telecom Infrastructure Protection

We report the field trial results of monitoring abnormal activities near deployed cable with fiber-optic-sensing technology for cable protection. Detection and position determination of abnormal events and evaluating the threat to the cable is realized.

Static Weight Detection and Localization on Aerial Fiber Cables using Distributed Acoustic Sensing

We demonstrated for the first time to our knowledge, the detection and localization of a static weight on an aerial cable by using frequency domain decomposition analysis of ambient vibrations detected by a φ-DAS system.