Traffic Monitoring involves the continuous observation and analysis of traffic conditions using various tools and technologies. This can include real-time data collection from traffic cameras, sensors embedded in roadways, and other monitoring devices. Traffic monitoring is crucial for assessing the current state of the road network, identifying congestion or potential issues, and making informed decisions for traffic management and planning.


AI-Driven Applications over Telecom Networks by Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing Technologies

By employing distributed fiber optic sensing (DFOS) technologies, field deployed fiber cables can be utilized as not only communication media for data transmissions but also sensing media for continuously monitoring of the physical phenomenon along the entire route. The fiber can be used to monitor ambient environment along the route covering a wide geographic area. With help of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) technologies on information processing, many applications can be developed over telecom networks. We review the recent field results and demonstrate how DFOS can work with existing communication channels and provide holistic view of road traffic monitoring included vehicle counts and average vehicle speeds. A long-term wide-area road traffic monitoring system is an efficient way of gathering seasonal vehicle activities which can be applied in future smart city applications. Additionally, DFOS also offers cable cut prevention functions such as cable self-protection and cable cut threat assessment. Detection and localization of abnormal events and evaluating the threat to the cable are realized to protect telecom facilities.

Optical Fiber Sensing Technology Visualizing the Real World via Network Infrastructures – AI technologies for traffic monitoring

Optical fibers have a sensing function that captures environmental changes around the fiber cable. According to the recent technology evolution of optical transmission and AI, the application of the fiber sensing has expanded and visualization accuracy has improved. We have proposed to monitor the traffic flow on the road using the existing optical fiber infrastructure along the road. In this paper, we propose a traffic flow analysis AI algorithm with high environmental resistance and show the evaluation results of traffic monitoring.