Vibration Measurement refers to the process of quantifying the oscillations or movements of an object or a system in response to dynamic forces or excitations. Vibration is a repetitive back-and-forth motion around an equilibrium point and is characterized by parameters such as amplitude, frequency, and phase. Vibration measurement is crucial in various fields, including engineering, physics, structural health monitoring, and machinery diagnostics.


DAS over 1,007-km Hybrid Link with 10-Tb/s DP-16QAM Co-propagation using Frequency-Diverse Chirped Pulses

We report the first distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) experiment with over >1,000 km reach on a hybrid link comprising of a mixture of field and lab fibers with bi-directional inline Raman amplification after each span. We used 20× frequency-diversity chirped-pulses for the probe signal,and recovered the Rayleigh backscatter using a coherent receiver with correlation detection and diversity combining. A measurand resolution of ∼100 pϵ/√ Hz at a gauge length of 20 meters achieved in the offline experiment. We also demonstrate the first real-time FPGA implementation of chirped-pulse DAS without frequency diversity over a range of 210 km.