A Study on Traffic Flow Monitoring Using Optical Fiber Sensor Technology

Publication Date: 8/6/2019

Event: Japan Society of Traffic Engineers

Reference: pp. 317-320, 2019

Authors: Tomoyuki Hino, NEC Corporation; Narisetty Chaitanya, NEC Corporation; Ming-Fang Huang, NEC Laboratories America, Inc.; Ryusuke Ueda, NEC Corporation; Hitoshi Sakuri, NEC Corporation; Akihiro Tanaka, NEC Corporation; Takashi Otani, Highway Integrated Technology Laboratory; Shinichiro Azuma, National Institute of Highway technology

Abstract: Traffic conditions of the highway, Ya traffic volume meter CCTV Because it is observed in the spot, such as the discovery of traffic disturbances which deviates from the observation spot it may be delayed. The traffic flow has a problem from the point observations data indirectly order to be estimated, the capture accuracy of trending and regional circumstances change in time series. Therefore, we focused on the optical fiber sensing technology that utilizes the existing light off Aibainfura highway, actually measuring the travel vibration of the vehicle from the infrastructure as a continuous line, overhead grasp the traffic flow from the traveling locus We are working to. This time, tried traffic flow observation and the estimates of the average speed in the Tokyo, Nagoya and New Tomei Expressway. A result, the demonstration zone 45km in a traffic flow observable real time, succeeded in average speed calculation equivalent to the existing traffic meter, this technology has shown promise as a bird’s-eye technique wide and real-time traffic flow.

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