Evolution from 8QAM live traffic to PCS 64-QAM with Neural-Network Based Nonlinearity Compensation on 11000 km Open Subsea Cable

Publication Date: 3/11/2018

Event: OFC 2018

Reference: Th4D.5: 1-3, 2018

Authors: Valey Kamalov, Google, Inc. ; Ljupcho Jovanovski, Google, Inc. ; Vijay Vusirikala, Google, Inc. ; Shaoliang Zhang, NEC Laboratories America, Inc.; Fatih Yaman, NEC Laboratories America, Inc.; Kohei Nakamura, NEC Corporation; Takanori Inoue, NEC Corporation; Eduardo Mateo, NEC Corporation; Yoshihisa Inada, NEC Corporation

Abstract: We report on the evolution of the longest segment of FASTER cable at 11,017 km, with 8QAM transponders at 4b/s/Hz spectral efficiency (SE) in service. With offline testing, 6 b/s/Hz is further demonstrated using probabilistically shaped 64QAM, and a novel, low complexity nonlinearity compensation technique based on generating a black-box model of the transmission by training an artificial neural network, resulting in the largest SE-distance product 66,102 b/s/Hz-km over live-traffic carrying cable.

Publication Link: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/8386381