Improvement of Resilience of Submarine Networks Based on Fiber Sensing

Publication Date: 3/13/2023

Event: SubOptic 2023

Reference: pp. 1-7, 2023

Authors: Fatih Yaman, NEC Laboratories America, Inc.; Yang Li, NEC Laboratories America, Inc., Georgia State University; Shaobo Han, NEC Laboratories America, Inc.; Eduardo Mateo, NEC Corporation; Takanori Inoue, NEC Corporation; Yoshihisa Inada, NEC Corporation

Abstract: Simultaneous phase and polarization sensing with span length resolution using the supervisory path is demonstrated. It is shown that by measuring polarization rotation matrix of the return paths, instead of monitoring only the state of polarization, location of the polarization disturbance can be determined even for large polarization rotations. By using the polarization rotation matrices, the phase and polarization disturbances are successfully decoupled. How the existing supervisory system and sensing can coexist in new SDM cables that utilizes pump sharing is discussed.